Tax number 19298953-1-42
Statistical number sign19298953-9420-512-01
Organisation registration number01-02-0017592
TitleFüggetlen Egységes Szakszervezetek Szövetsége
Short nameFESZSZ
Place of residence CountryMagyarország
Location of the organisation1108 Budapest, Szőlővirág utca 12. fszt./3.
National identifier0100/60066/2021/2300054771471
Name of the courtFővárosi Törvényszék
Case number0100/Pk.60066/2021
Old registration number format17592/2021
Names in foreign languages
English: Confederation of Independent Unified Trade Unions
German: Unabhangiger Einheitlicher Gewerkschaftsbund

Classification of the organisation by purpose:
educational activity, legal protection, professional-economic interest representation

Representative: Bezeczki Ernő István
How the right of representation is exercised: általános, önálló
Duration of the mandate 5 years
date of termination of mandate: 2026. january 15.

Form of organisation: association

The aim of the organisation:

Representation, promotion, individual and collective defence of the interests of Hungarian and EU citizens employed in the professional, public and private sectors, representation and defence of the interests of its members who are not employed, representation and defence of the interests of its members who have other legal relationships not constituting employment relationships, the promotion of employment and job creation, the maintenance and development of scientific activities representing and promoting the interests of the ETUC and its members, the development and establishment of an internal and external education system, the ultimate aim being to establish, develop and maintain a social safety net for the benefit of its members, based on a concerted approach at EU and national level.